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XAVIER, Antonio Velloso

Arte da louça vidrada, extrahida do tomo II. a folhas 578. da Enciclopedia Methodica.  Traduzido do francez por . . .   Followed by:  Memoria sobre os utensilios da Arte de Vidrar, ou Alfahareria extrahida de Mr. Fourmy.  Semanario de Agricultura y Arte.  Tom. XIII. 325. pag. 186 (pp. 105-156).


Lisbon, Na Impressaõ Regia, 1805. Por Ordem Superior.


Small 8vo.  161 pp., with 10 folding engraved plates.  Contemporary calf.   Tear repaired in inner margins of plates 3, 8 & 9.  Insignificant traces of worming in upper margin of pp. 105-end & of plates 7-10.

The first section is a translation of the article Fayencerie in Vol. 2 of Arts et métiers mécaniques with some of plates from v. 2 Recueil de planches.    The second part is an abbreviated translation of “Mémoire sur les ouvrages de terre cuites” (parts 1 and 2), being the first section of the work by Fourmy, Recueil de mémoires relatifs à l'art céramique (Paris, 1804).   This work follows closely the type of publication produced by the Arco do Cego, the printing press established in Lisbon in 1799.   Its administrator, Frei José Mariano da Conceição Veloso, had been instructed to translate into Portuguese and issue foreign works judged to be of importance to Portugal and principally to the development of Brazil.   The most up-to-date printing types were brought from France and talented engravers employed to illustrate the books, but by 1805 it had ceased to function and Frei Veloso then became a director of the Impressão Régia in Lisbon (see Borba de Moraes, Livros e bibliotecas do Brasil colonial, pp. 74-77).  

Innocêncio I, 286.   Monteverde 5517.   Gonçalves Rodrigues, A tradução em Portugal, I, 2664.   OCLC lists 2 copies only.



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