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Sentença da Alçada, que Elrey Nosso Senhor Mandou conhecer da Rebelliaõ succedida na Cidade do Porto em 1757., e da qual Sua Magestade Fidelissima nomeou presidente Joaõ Pacheco Pereira da Vasconcellos . . . e escrivam Jozé Mascarenhas Pacheco Pereira Coelho de Mello.


Lisbon, Na Officina de Miguel Rodrigues, 1758.


4to.  (2) ff., 24 pp.  Wrappers.  

An incident illustrative of Pombal's harshness.  To control the production and export of wine and raise prices Pombal created the General Company for Wine Cultivation.    The prices of shop and tavern wine soared and on Shrove Tuesday 1757 a popular demonstration broke out at the instigation of a few taverners.   The Jesuits were accused of abetting the rioters and of declaring that the Company's wine was not fit for the Eucharist.   Though a minor disturbance Pombal treated the affair with the utmost severity, as the verdicts reveal, sentencing 18 persons to death, 28 to the galleys, 86 were exiled, and turning the case into one of lèse-majesté.   The Sentença was originally printed in Porto 1757.

Innocêncio V, 67.  (Cf. Marquês de Pombal.  Catálogo Bibliográfico e iconográfico, 185 & Palha 3398).  



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