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Instituiçaõ da Companhia Geral da Agricultura das Vinhas do Alto Douro.   (Dated Porto, 31 August, and Belem, 10 Sept. 1756.)


(Lisbon, n.pr., 1756.)


Folio.  (1) f., 31 pp.  Recent boards.  

The legislation governing one of the Marquês de Pombal’s most important ventures.   "The company statutes were largely based on a plan put forward by the large noble vineyard owners of the Douro . . .   The Douro producers reacted enthusiastically when Pombal announced his planned company in 1756.   A mix of investments in the company's first capital fund was solicited from both producers and Porto businessmen . . .   The objective of the Upper Douro Company was essentially to protect the upper Douro vineyard owners from the vast expansion of vine cultivation by smaller producers which had occurred over the previous decades . . .   All opposition was ruthlessly repressed on a day-to-day basis by the stringent enforcement of the Douro company's monopoly rights, and more generally by the vigorous exercise of military and judicial authority . . .   The state was intervening to protect agricultural producers by seeking to control production and thereby assure stable markets and prices" (Maxwell, Pombal, paradox of the enlightenment, p. 62-3).  

Marquês de Pombal, Catálogo Bibliográfico e Iconográfico, 133.  



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