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[War of the Austrian Succession.]

Relaçaõ da Batalha de Dettingen, junto ao Rio Meno, E victoria alcancada pelo Exercito Inglez, e Hungaro, Commendado por S. Magestade Britanica, contra o da Franca, às ordens do Marechal de Noailles, em 27. de Junho de 1743.  Mandada dar à luz por Filippe de Carvalho Souto-Mayor.  Em obsequio dos fidelissimos, e discretissimos Anonimos, que a compuzeraõ; a quem a mayor modestia occulta. 


Lisbon, Antonio Isidoro da Fonseca, 1743.


8vo.  (3) ff., 28 pp.  With vignette on p. (1) & as tail-piece.  Wrappers.   A well printed work.

News is given of the battle of Dettingen on the banks of the river Main and the defeat by the British, together with the armies of Hanover and Hesse, of the French led by the Duc de Noailles.   It was the last time that a British sovereign, George II, led an army into battle.   The printer, António Isidoro de Fonseca, later established a clandestine press in Rio de Janeiro in 1747.   Ff. (2) and (3) contain the dedication and laudatory sonnet. 



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