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[Teatro de Cordel.] [Anon.]

Practica de tres Pastores, a saber, Rodrigo, Loirenço, e Sylvestre, A os quaes apparecendo-lhe o Anjo a noyte de Natal, espantados chamaõ hum ao outro. 


Lisbon, Na Officina de Francisco Borges de Sousa, 1761.


8vo.  24 pp.  With woodcut on title p.  Wrappers.   Outer margin of title p. worn.

A retelling in popular form of the story of the annunciation to the shepherds of Christ’s birth.   Bell comments on the delightful description (p. 6) of an old peasant reading from the Bible to the whole village (Portuguese Literature, p. 338).   Teófilo Braga believes that from the anonymous author’s untutored language and his use of picturesque colloquialisms in the text, he was well aware of the power of the Inquisition in maintaining quiescent faith among the simple people and of the backwardness of their education (Historia da Litteratura Portugueza, História do Theatro Portuguez, Vol. III, pp. 106-108).

José Oliveira Barata, Maria da Graça Pericão, Catálogo da literatura de cordel : Colecção Jorge de Faria, 1541.   OCLC lists British Library copy only.   (Cf. Innocêncio XVIII, 9, who cites editions of 1626 and 1659.   Palha 1216 has 1718 edition, “pièce assez curieuse, qui a été composée à la moitié du XVIe siècle“ but not included in Palha 1244 [Teatro de cordel plays collected by Rodrigo Felner].   Azevedo-Samodães II, 2560 refers to an undated 18th century edition.   Albino Forjaz de Sampaio, Teatro de cordel. Catálogo da colecção do autor, lists editions of 1626, 1718 and an undated 17th century edition.   PorBase lists two different 17th century editions (12 ff.) in the Biblioteca Nacional.)



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