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Decreto sobre os Direitos, que deve pagar o assucar nas Alfandegas deste Reino.  De 27 de Janeiro de 1751.


(Lisbon, n.pr., 1751)


Folio.  (2) ff.   Wrappers.  

"As sugar and tobacco were taxed so heavily that they ceased to be competitive with sugar and tobacco produced in the English, French and Dutch colonies, steps were taken to lighten export duties and reduce freight charges.   Inspection offices were set up in  1751 in Bahia, Recife, Rio de Janeiro and São Luís de Maranhão to control the quality and price of these two commodities . . ." (Colonial Brazil, ed. Bethell, p. 263-64).  

Marquês de Pombal, Cat. bibliográfico, p. 339 (20).



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