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Arte de Brilhantes Vernizes, & das tinturas.  Fazelas, & o como obrar com ellas.  E dos Ingredientes de que o dito se deve compor huma larga explicaçaõ, da origem, & naturezas; proprios para os Mestres Torneiros, Pintores, & Escultures.  Como taõ-bem huma oferta, De 18, ou 20, receitas curiozas, & necessarias para: Os ourives de ouro, prata, & os relogoeiros, & mais Artistas.


Antwerp, Por la Viuva de Henrico Verdussen, 1729.


8vo.  (4) ff., 65, (5), 39 pp. (1) blank p., pp. 40-63 (half title p. in excellent facsimile).  Later vellum over boards.   Half-title p. with sonnet to the author in facsimile, near contemporary marginalia on p. 43 & 15, occasional ink annotations and some faint staining.

First edition of this very rare work.   Lacquer-work or japanning enjoyed great popularity in Portugal, but the export of original Japanese lacquer furniture was effectively banned in the 17th century as Japan had become virtually closed to the Western market.   The author states that he is a native of Antwerp and an expert in cutting and polishing diamonds and that, as he was anxious to improve the standard of cabinet-making in Portugal, he compiled this practical handbook on lacquering, varnishing, painting and gilding furniture and decorative objects.   The first part lists the ingredients and composition of varnish and describes the processes of lacquering furniture and gilding and varnishing sculpture.   The second part is concerned with the art of gilding metalwork and the preparation of gilt paint for manuscripts.   Innocêncio comments that he was a merchant in Lisbon for over twenty-six years.  

Innocêncio IV, 45 & 437, & X, 363.    



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