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Regla de la muy Humilde y Real Hermandad de la Hospitalidad de la Santa Caridad de N. Señor Jesuchristo, sita en su casa y hospital del Señor San Jorge de la Ciudad de Sevilla.



8vo.  (1) f., vi, 197 pp., (1 blank) f., 13 pp.  With portrait of Don Miguel Mañara de Leca & 1 allegorical plate, both engraved by Joaquin Bullester.  Later quarter calf (head of spine & lower joint worn).   Faint stain in upper margin of title p., some very occasional spotting, otherwise a good copy.

The alms-house of Hospital de la Caridad in Seville, founded in 1674 by Miguel de Mañara Vicentelo de Leca (1626-1679), has for some 350 years served the sick and elderly.   Legend has it that Don Miguel Mañara, then a licentious nobleman, was returning one night from a riotous orgy when the vision of a funeral procession in which the partly decomposed corpse in the coffin was seen to be his own had led him to renounce his worldly goods and join the Brotherhood, devoting his fortune to the care of the poor and building the hospital, and tht he was the inspiration for Mozart’s Don Giovanni, but this has been disproved.   The original task of the brotherhood of Santa Caridad, which dates from 1456, was to comfort criminals before execution and collect and bury their corpses and those of people found drowned in the Guadalquivir River.   Miguel de Mañara revitalized the fraternity and persuaded the members to expand their charitable activities and establish a hospice.   To embellish the impressive building, which can still be seen today, he commissioned paintings by Bartolomé Murillo and Juan Valdés Leal and the walls of the church were richly ornamented in the high baroque style.   In this copy setting out the hospice’s regulations the final 13 pp. reproduce the royal decree by D. Ferdinand VII establishing further rules governing the hospice and dated Seville, 27 September 1831.   The pagination of copies varies in that some contain one or more copies of decrees associated with the Santa Caridad and others lack any.   With the bookplate of Noel Pinelli, the French parliamentary deputy and bibliophile, who, like Mañara’s family, originally came from Corsica.  

Palau 150367.  Ruiz Lasala, Joaquin Ibarra y Marin 1725-1785,  0788.   Aguilar Piñal X, 2986.   Not in Salvá.  


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