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SAN ALBERTO, José Antonio de

Carta pastoral que el Ilustrísimo Señor Don Fray ... Arzobispo de La Plata, Dirige a Todos los que en el pasado Concurso han sido nombrados, y elegidos para Curas. 


Buenos Aires, Real Imprenta de los Niños Expositos, 1791.


4to.  (2) ff., 676 pp.  Later vellum (lacking ties).   Signature 4H repeated, erased ink inscription to foot of title, lower hinge broken, occasional marginal annotations, otherwise a fine copy.      

First edition.   In his Pastoral letter, dated Cochabamba, 24 November 1790, the author exhorts and encourages his clergy in their pastoral ministries, and appeals to them to lead a saintly life.   He urges them (p. 157) not to follow the example of many clergy in his diocese, whom he condemns for their lack of morals, their vanity, their greed and love of finery, and also their financial demands on the Indians, resulting in suffering by their parishioners.   He further compares unfavourably the character of the Peruvian Indians with that of the Mexican Indians (p. 365), criticising the former’s avarice and dishonesty, their drunken orgies (p. 379), and he writes in sorrow of the rebellions in Peru (p. 411), the Tupac Amaru uprising against Spanish authority and a return to their ignorant superstitions.   San Alberto, Archbishop of the La Plata diocese, was a Carmelite friar and a noted educator, and was instrumental in carrying out the enlightened reform of the curriculum of the University of Córdoba.   The work is most notable for the beauty of its typography among many printed by the Imprenta de los Niños Expositos.  

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