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Observaçoes . . sobre a carta, que os membros da junta do Porto dirigiraô a S.M. o Imperador do Brazil, em 5 d'agosto de l828, e mandaraô publicar no Paquête de Portugal em outubro de 1829.


[Paris], Typ. de J. Tastu [1829].


8vo.  43 pp.  Original wrappers.           

"A politician with the renown of a general and a gift for conspiracy" (Livermore, History of Portugal, p. 422).   Saldanha had fled to London when the tide of absolutism in Portugal seemed unstoppable, and there assumed the leadership of the most radical Portuguese emigrés, but he gradually became disenchanted with the the policies of D. Pedro IV.   He mounted a futile expedition to Terceira Island in the Azores in January 1829 which was thwarted by the British government, whereupon he sought help from the French government.   Saldanha had been Governor of Porto in 1826 and played an energetic part in the bitter political intrigues surrounding the monarchy.   In this pamphlet written in November 1829 he seeks to justify his actions, and Ernesto do Canto states that it gave rise to a storm of controversy.   Pp. 31 - 43 contain transcriptions of documents supporting his cause.   Another edition was printed in Rio de Janeiro in 1830;  an English translation appeared in London in the same year, and an enlarged edition, entitled A Perfidia desmascarada, appeared in Paris in the following year.

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