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Refutação Analytica do Relatorio, Medidas Financeiras, e Contractos sobre Caminhos de Ferro, que apresentou á Camara dos Srs. Deputados em Sessões de 8 e 29 de Fevereiro do corrente anno o Exm. Sr. Antonio Maria de Fontes Pereira de Mello, Ministro e Secretario de Estado dos Negocios da Fazenda e interino das Obras Publicas, pedindo á mesma Camara a Approvação de taes Medidas e Contractos.


Lisbon, Typ. de Joaquim Germano de Sousa Neves, 1856.


8vo.  (1) f., 66 pp., (2) ff.  Original printed front wrapper preserved (worn).  Copy partly unopened.

Antonio Maria de Fontes Pereira de Mello, one of Portugal’s most energetic 19th century politicians, created the Ministry of Public Works, and was the driving force behind the plans to build railways in Portugal.   He raised large loans on the London Stock Exchange, but returned to face a barrage of criticisms for his efforts.   The author of this pamphlet challenges the wisdom of building a railway line to the Spanish frontier without prior discussion with Spain, and he voices the age-old fear of Spanish domination of Portugal, now because of railway communication.   He criticizes the supposed lack of planning, states that it is preferable to promote internal traffic, and complains of delays in the construction of the privately funded Lisbon-Santarem line, which opened in October 1856.

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