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QUINTANA, Hilarión de la

Breve Manifiesto que el Coronel D. Hilarion . . . Hace a su Patria, y sus Conciudadanos, justificando con documentos su conducta publica contra las invasiones de la calumnia.  


Buenos Aires, Imprenta del Sol (1816).


Folio.  4 pp.  Wrappers.   Light browning.

Quintana, the unpopular governor of Salta, protests that in the three months that he was governor of Salta he had raised funds for the army in Buenos Aires, and rejects accusations of financial irregularities.   As a Porteño army officer, he had commanded 500 men in March 1814.   “. . the new Intendent appointed (in Salta) by Buenos Aires, General Hilarión de la Quintana, whose efficiency in collecting further contributions for the army certainly did not increase his popularity . . .   In April 1815 . . Quintana had already left his post . . . the Cabildo, which by getting rid of Quintana had won . . a guarantee against the interference of the emissaries of the factions successively dominant in Buenos Aires”  (Tulio Halperin Donghi, Politics, economics and society in Argentina in the revolutionary period, p. 266).   The justifying documents reproduced are dated Salta, 18 July 1816, Tucuman, 27 July 1816, Leñas 2 Sept. 1815 and Leñas 6 Sept. 1815.

Furlong IV, 3226.   Not in Palau or Sabin.   Not traced in OCLC



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