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[PUEYRREDÓN, Juan Martin.]

Memoria del Gral. Pueyrredon después de haberse retirado del Mando Supremo de las Provincias-Unidas en Sud-America.   (Dated Buenos Aires, 9 August 1819.)


Buenos Aires, Imprenta de la Independencia, 1819.


Folio.  13 pp.  Original floral wrappers.  

“An autobiographical record abundant in reflections . . .” (Tulio Halperin Donghi, Politics, economics and society in Argentina in the revolutionary period, p. 228).   In his Memoria Pueyrredón justifies his former position as Supreme Director of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata by stating that during his time in office he had improved education at the Colegio de San Carlos, he had paid off most of the national debt, had established a bank, and founded a national mint.   He worked closely with the congress when in 1817 it moved to Buenos Aires and there began to draft a constitution, completed in 1819.   But faced with rising opposition in Congress and accused of complicity with the Portuguese Court, then at Rio de Janeiro, who planned to regain control of its former territory in Colônia do Sacramento, he resigned from the Directory in June and retired to his estate at San Isidro near Buenos Aires, and later to Montevideo.   His measured and prudent words were not followed by successive governments  

 Not in Palau.   Zinny 1819, no. 24, p. 247.   WorldCat lists 2 copies only.   Not in COPAC.



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