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[Portuguese Emigrants in Brazil.]

Subscripção e Soccorros aos Emigrados do Brasil por ordem de Sua Magestade Imperial e Real o Senhor D. João VI. de gloriosa memoria; e auxilios a estabelecimentos publicos de caridade em execução dos decretos de Sua Alteza a Serenissma Senhora Infanta Regente en nome d’Elrei.


Lisbon, Na Impressão Regia, 1827.


Folio.  (1) f., 15, (3) pp.  Recent wrappers (worn).  

The kind-hearted D. João VI, concerned with the plight of Portuguese citizens still living in the newly independent Brazil, had before his death in 1826 ordered a fund to be set up for the relief of needy persons living there.   Precise details are given of the sums raised, and the names of donors, and for whom the monies were destined, with the name of each person and the amount granted, the majority being in the state of Bahia.  

Borba de Moraes (1983) II, 842 & Rodrigues 1326 both give pagination as 15, (2) pp., 1 diagram.   No copy listed in Porbase.



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