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Estatutos do Collegio de que he Director João L. Skinner, por Sua Magestade:  Estabelecido na Cidade do Porto . .


Porto, Imprensa de Gandra & filhos, 1834.


Printed within ornamental border.  Broadside 25 x 20.2 cm.  Short tear repaired at fold in right margin.

Very rare and unusual early advertisement promoting the benefits of an education at Mr. Skinner's school in Porto.   The curriculum included Portuguese grammar, Latin, rhetoric, philosophy, English, French, geography and commercial studies.   Pupils were requested to bring a washbasin, bed, combs and a mirror, tooth-brushes, brushes for shoes and clothes, scissors, penknife, crockery, paper, pens, books, etc.  

Serious efforts were being made in the 1830s to improve education in Porto, and João L. Skinner’s school appears to have been successful;  advertisements promoting it appeared regularly in the Periodico dos Pobres no Porto (4 Sept. and 4 & 8 Dec. 1834, 10 & 19 March, 8 April, 8 & 14 Sept. 1835, and 17 & 24 May, 1 June, 7 & 9 Sept. and 13, 23 & 27 Dec. 1836), and also in Diario do Porto (8 Sept. 1835).    Later on the curriculum included music and dancing.   The author had previously been director of the Collegio de N.S. das Dores in the city.  



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