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[PINHEIRO, Rafael Bordalo.]

O Antonio Maria.  Vol. VII.  1891.  5 de Março - 31 de Dezembro.   With:  Vol. VIII.  1892.  8 de Janeiro - 30 de Dezembro.  And: Idem.   Vol. X.  1894.  27 de Janeiro - 28 de Dezembro.   3 vols.


(Lisbon, 1891-94).


4to.  328 pp.;  pp. 329-576, 597-644;  176 pp.  Quarter cloth.   Tear repaired in lower margin of Vol. VII, p. 241/242.

The satirical periodical, Antonio Maria, was first edited by the Portuguese artist and satirist, Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, and Guilherme de Azevedo, and appeared on 12 June 1879, after the former’s return from Brazil.   Though Bordalo Pinheiro denied the association, it took its title from the name of the great Portuguese statesman, Antonio Maria Fontes Pereira de Melo, who was the butt of most of its satire and humour.   Problems with censorship down closed the magazine on 25 December 1884, but it reappeared on 5 March 1891, with the first of the volumes offered here.   “He produced nearly 10,000 pages, accompanied by humorous, sharp or malicious articles signed by well-known writers, which illustrated every aspect of Portuguese social life of the period. This documentation, uniquely valuable for historical and sociological study, carries more proportional importance for its country of origin than the work of contemporary caricaturists in France, England or Italy” (Grove Dictionary of Art).   Though Vol. VIII apparently lacks pp. 577-596 the date sequence follows logically.

Jornais e Revistas portugueses do Séc. XIX, 277.   (Cf. Innocêncio  XVIII, 340.)



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