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PIEDADE, Caetano da

Relaçaõ fidelissima dos execrandos estragos, e sacrilegos roubos, que os Gregos cismaticos fizeraõ no Santissimo Sepulchro de N. Senhor Jesus Christo em Jerusalem, e da perseguiçaõ, que padeceraõ os Religiosos Menores da Observancia de N.P.S. Francisco, guardas e defensores dos Lugares Santos, na quella barba invazaõ do dia 2. de Abril de 1757.  Offerecida aos devotos, e bemfeitores da mesma Terra Santa . . .  


Lisbon, Francisco Borges de Sousa, 1758.


Small 4to.  (3) ff., 31 pp.  Wrappers.  

"A Franciscan account of the purported Greek Orthodox takeover of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem as a result of the Ottoman ‘Status Quo’ law in 1757, and of their disregard of Catholic rights there and in other holy places in Palestine" (Newberry Library Catalog).   Fr. Domingos de Veneza, a Venetian and Custodian of the Holy Land, travelling to Jerusalem with 60 friars and many pilgrims at Easter, vehemently asserted that he was ill-treated by the Greeks, that the Pilgrims had been harried, and that precious objects had been stolen from the Holy Places.  

Innocencio II, 14.  Civezza 505.  Not in COPAC.



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