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[PAZ, Juan Antonio de]. OSSORIO de la CADENA, Antonio

La Virtud en el Estrado.  Visitas juiciosas.  Critica espiritual.


Madrid, Andres Ortega, 1766.


Small 8vo.  (3) ff., 375 pp.  Contem­porary calf, spine gilt.   Apparently lacks 1 preliminary f (? half-title).   Some faint marginal staining & occasional ink markings, ink scribbles on last blank p.

A curious Jesuit diatribe condemning female frivolities.   The book takes the form of a dialogue between Dª. Magdalena, Dª Margarida and their priest, D. José, who rails against immodest fashions revealing bare arms, breasts and shoulders, elaborate hair styles, those who paint their faces, the dangers awaiting daughters who are permitted out of their homes, and the perils of a liberal education.   No less than six editions appeared in some 40 years.   The author taught grammar and philosophy and was deported to Italy when the order was suppressed.  

Palau 215723.   De Backer-Sommervogel VI, 404 lists the 1st and this edition only.  



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