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[Parliamentary Papers.] [Portugal.]

Accounts and Papers:  Thirty-seven volumes.  (35.)   Session 19 January - 23 July 1847.  Vol. LXXXVIII.   Protocol of a Conference relating to the Affairs of Portugal, held at the Foreign Office on 21 May 1847.; 

Copy of a Letter of Captain Robb, dated Her Majesty's Ship "Gladiator," at Oporto, the 23d May 1847, to the Portuguese Junta;  also the Answer from the Secretary of the Junta.; 

Correspondence relating to the Affairs of Portugal.; 

Appendix to Correspondence relating to the Affairs of Portugal.  (Constitutional Charter of the Portuguese Monarchy (1826), pp. 1-14)


London, Printed by T.R. Harrison, 1847.


Large 4to.  (2) ff., 8 pp.; 2 pp.;  (1) f., xi, 377 pp.;  (2) ff., 98 pp.   Cloth.   Short tear repaired in p. 161/2 of third paper.

The correspondence in the third item is a fascinating and almost day-by-day account from Oct. 1846 – June 1847 of events from Portugal and the Foreign Office in London concerning the civil war known as the Patuleia.   “(Lord Howard de Walden, the British Minister in Lisbon) urged Palmerston to help the Queen and Saldanha suppress the revolt (of the Septembrist leaders).   Victoria and Albert strongly agreed with him, being eager to go to the assistance of Maria da Glória and her German husband, who was their cousin.   But Palmerston was as reluctant to intervene as he had been in 1836 (against a left-wing revolt).   He was never eager to be involved in civil wars in foreign countries . . .   He sent the Navy to the Tagus with orders to intervene in order to save the Queen’s life, but otherwise to preserve a strict neutrality . . .   Palmerston succeeded in persuading his radical critics that he had really been on their side . . . (but) the events in Portugal in 1847 . . actually increased Palmerston’s reputation throughout Europe of being the great champion of Radicalism” (Jasper Ridley, Lord Palmerston, pp. 317-320).



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