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OREBICH, Giuseppe

Carta do Capitám Joseph . . . Ragusano, a qual contém a noticia do transporte de 133 Padres Jesuitas de Lisboa para Civitavecchia, Traduzida fielmente do idioma Italiano para o Portuguez.  


Lisbon, n. pr., 1759.


8vo.  12 pp.  Wrappers.   First and last pp. dust-stained, tiny piece torn from lower margin of title p.    

To counter rumours of mistreatment, the author describes the embarkation and voyage to Civitavecchia of 133 Jesuits expelled from Portugal by Pombal and whom he was instructed to transport to Rome on his ship, together with an account of the utilities, food and medical remedies he supplied for their use.   This is a translation of an account which originally appeared in Genoa 1759.

Innocêncio II, 132, “não vulgar.“   Palha 2520.   Gonçalves Rodrigues, A tradução em Portugal, I, 967.     



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