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[NEVILLE, Henry]

Relaçaõ de hum famoso descobrimento da Ilha Pinés, e casamento de hum homem com quatro mulheres, e o quanto produziraõ em taõ pouco tempo.  Tudo descoberto por hum navio Olandez da Companhia das Indias Orientaes, como se verá do que se segue nesta Relaçaõ, digno na verdade de se ver &c. &c. &c.  


(Colophon) Lisbon, Na Officina de Ignacio Nogueira Xisto, 1761.


8vo.  7 pp.  Recent quarter calf.  

The rare first translation into Portuguese of Henry Neville’s satirical and erotic tale, The Isle of Pines, in which George Pines is shipwrecked with four female survivors on a mild and fertile island, which they rapidly populate by no less than 1789 of their offspring.   The work was an instant success;  “the Isle of Pines . . proved to be one of the most remarkable sensations of the seventeenth century and . . . one of the most successful literary hoaxes in the English language.   Within six months of its English publication, three Dutch, two French, an Italian, an American and four German editions had appeared” (Davis, J. C., Utopia and the ideal society: a study of English Utopian writing, 1516-1700, pp. 24-25).   It was a possible source for Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe.   This translation is a slightly abbreviated version taken from the French edition printed in Paris in 1668 by Sebastian-Mabre Cramoisy, Nouvelle Découverte de l’Isle Pinés située au delà de la ligne æquinoctiale.  Faite par un Navire Hollandois l’an 1667.  Though Henry Neville was born into a family of country gentry, he held parliamentary sympathies during the Civil War, and after the monarchy was restored had been imprisoned in the Tower of London in 1663, but was released the following year.

Not in Innocêncio.   Not in COPAC.   (Cf. Scheckter, John, The Isle of Pines, 1668: Henry Neville's uncertain Utopia, p. 182.   Onofrio Nicastro, Henry Neville e l’isola di Pines : con testo inglese e la traduzione italiana di The isle of Pines, pp. 184-85.)   



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