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MIRANDA, Innocêncio Antonio de

O cidadão lusitano.  Breve compendio, em que se demonstrão os fructos da Constituição, e os deveres do cidadão constitucional para com Deos, para com o Rei, para com a patria, e para com todos os seus concidadáos.  Dialogo entre hum liberal, e hum servil – o Abbade Roberto – e D. Julio.


Lisbon, Nova Impressão da Viuva Neves e Filhos, 1822.


Small 4to.  143, (1) pp.  Recent imitation leather.  

First printing.   This radical work attracted considerable controversy and a wide circulation in powerful circles, provoking a bitter dispute.   The author, the Abbot of Medrões, seeks to justify liberal opinions that contrast with the conservatism of the Portuguese church, and the work was virulently censured as being contrary to church doctrine.   An edict forbidding the public to read it on pain of excommunication was issued by the Cardinal Patriarch D. Carlos da Cunha, and on 6 September 1824 the Catholic Church in Rome placed it on the Index.   The first printing sold out rapidly, to be followed swiftly by a second in the same year, according to Innocêncio.

Innocêncio III, 219 & X, 66.   WorldCat. lists 1 copy only.



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