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[MIDOSI, Paulo]

Quem he o legitimo Rey de Portugal?  Questão Portugueza, submettida ao Juizo dos Homens Imparciaes.  Por um Portuguez residente em Londres.


(London, Na Oficina Portugueza, i.e. L. Thompson) 1828.


8vo.  95 pp.  Wrappers.   Faint staining on title p.

Midosi upholds D. Pedro IV’s right to the Portuguese throne as the only legitimate king, and refutes arguments that his brother, D. Miguel, should be crowned, pointing out that the latter had rejected the constitutional Charter granted by D. Pedro to his Portuguese subjects.   Fearing political persecution Midosi fled to England in June 1828 to serve the liberal cause.   Ernesto Canto states that he contributed in London to the periodicals Innominado, O Portuguez Constitucional and Chaveco Liberal (Catálogo das obras  . . relativas os sucessos políticos de Portugal . . ., I, p. 104.)   The work appeared first in English, which he spoke fluently, and he then translated it into Portuguese.   When copies reached Portugal the government instructed Father José Agostinho de Macedo to write a work rejecting its arguments.  

Innocêncio VI, 365 & XVII, 155.  



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