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MENDOÇA, Luiz Antonio Carlos Furtado de

Oração funebre recitada nas solemnes exequias do . . Senhor D. Fr. Caetano Brandão, Arcebispo da Sé de Braga, celebradas na Cathedral da mesma Cidade . . .  


Lisbon, Impressão Regia, 1806.


Small 4to.  26 pp.  Wrappers.

From 1783-89 the saintly Fr. Caetano Brandão was bishop of Grão Pará in Brazil, where he played an active part in reforming diocesan affairs and helping the poor.   When appointed to the archbishopric of Braga in Portugal he founded homes for orphans, he sold the costly coaches and precious objects acquired by his predecessor, giving the money to the poor, and encouraged education among the underprivileged.   Sacramento Blake states that the author was born in Rio de Janeiro, the son of General António Carlos Furtado de Mendonça, and that he was later nominated Archbishop of Braga, but died in Portugal in 1832 before he was able to take up the position.     

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