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MACHADO, Antônio Cândido da Cruz (Visconde de Serra Frio)

Discurso do Exm. Sr. Senador . . . proferido na Camara dos Deputados na Sessao de 11 de julho de 1874 em resposta as accusações feitas á S. Ex. e ao povo bahiano.


Bahia, Typographia Perseverança, 1874.


8vo.  44 pp.  Original printed wrappers (remains of ticket stuck to both front & back covers).   Ownership signature on title p.

Demonstrations had taken place in Salvador in early April 1874 and a riot had broken out amongst the deputies of the Bahia Assembly, who were said to have entered the chamber carrying revolvers and accompanied by thugs.   Accused by the Correio da Bahia of inciting disorder, the author defends his efforts to calm the situation which occurred when a citizen, Sr. Feliciano José Torres, had been insulted as being a mere blacksmith and therefore incapable of voicing political opinions.   The author had been president of the province of Bahia from October 1873 to June 1874, a time of financial uncertainty since sugar production had fallen, as had that of tobacco, coffee and cotton (see Luis Henrique Dias Tavares, Historia da Bahia, pp. 286-7).   He promoted a new administrative division of Brazil and advocated building railways in Rio Grande do Sul.

Sacramento Blake I, 123 gives the place of printing as Rio de Janeiro.   Not in Innocêncio or WorldCat.



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