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MACEDO, Antonio Sousa de

Falla que fez o Doutor . . . do Conselho da Fazenda de Sua Magestade.  No Juramento de Rey do muyto Alto, & muyto Poderoso Dom Affonso VI. nosso Senhor.  Em quarta feira 15. de Novembro 1656. 


Lisbon, Na Officina Craesbeeckiana, 1656.


8vo.  (4) ff.  Boards.   Pages numbered in ink in top right hand margin, slight staining on title p.  

The speech delivered at the accession of the first Portuguese king after her independence from Spain.   As a loyal servant of the first two Bragança kings Dr. António de Sousa de Macedo played a vital role in formulating government policy during their reigns, and enjoyed great prestige and authority.  

Innocêncio I, 277 (calling in error for 8 ff.) & VIII, 312.   Palha 3293 "édition rare."   Ameal 2299.  



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