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LEITÃO, Antonio José de Lima

Monumento à Elevação da Colonia do Brazil a Reino, e ao Estabelecimento do Triplice Imperio Luso.  As obras de Pùblio Virgilio Maro, traduzidas em verso portuguez, e annotadas por . . .   3 vols. 


Rio de Janeiro, Na Typographia Real, 1818-19.


8vo.  I: (1) f., XVII, 221 pp., (1) f.;  II: pp. (3)-239;  III: 228 pp.  Original wrappers.   Some pencil scribbles, tiny hole in Vol. III, p. 27/28 with loss of 3 numerals & 2 letters, some slight discolouration, otherwise a fine copy.  

This rare work, a “monument” to Brazil as the capital of the Portuguese Empire, is preceded by a copy of the decree from D. João VI granting António José de Lima Leitão exclusive rights for 15 years to translate Virgil.   A biography of Virgil appears on Vol. I, pp. 1 – 16, and both the Éclogas and the Geórgicas have a preface by the translator.   The translator, António José de Lima Leitão, led a colourful life as a barber-surgeon in the Portuguese army, from whence he transferred to the French army, and became Chief Surgeon in Napoleon's Imperial High Command, and trained as a physician in the Medical School in Paris.  He returned to Portuguese service when peace was declared in 1814 and sailed to Rio de Janeiro, where the Court appointed him chief physician in Mozambique in 1816 and then agricultural inspector in Portuguese India in 1819.  He later taught surgery in Lisbon, promoted homeopathy, and became President of the Council for Public Health, a Deputy in the Cortes, and a member of several scientific and literary academies.

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