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[Leather Factory.]

Alvará porque Vossa Magestade ha por bem conceder Faculdade a Patricio Ryan para poder erigir nos Suburbios da Cidade de Lisboa huma Fabrica por tempo de dez annos, para nella fazer obrar, e preparar Pelles de Anta, Camurça, e Pellica, e de fazer dos mesmos generos, Vestias, Calções, e Luvas, debaixo das Condições que com este baixão . . .  (Dated 19 May 1770.)


(Lisbon, n.pr., 1770.)


Folio.  7 pp.  Wrappers.  

This rare edict sets out the strict conditions for a foreigner artisans in Pombal’s Portugal.   Patrick Ryan is authorized to set up a leather goods business in suburban Lisbon.   He is required to teach his craft to eight Portuguese apprentices who would remain for at least five years to perfect their knowledge of manufacturing leather goods, and having served their term, they must enrol with the Junta de Comércio.   He must never have less than eight apprentices, nor may he employ more than three foreigners, who were to remain solely in his employment.   Skins could only be imported from foreign countries if the supply from Brazil and Cabo Verde proved insufficient.   Goods must be sold at market rates.   Once the manufactured articles could satisfy the internal market, the importation of leather goods would be forbidden.  Should Patrick Ryan fail to observe these conditions his licence would be revoked, and he would be considered as having lied to the king, an offence liable to very severe penalties.  

Marquês de Pombal.  Catálogo Bibliográfico e iconográfico,  590.  



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