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[Junta do Comércio.]

Estatutos da Junta do Commercio ordenados por El Rey Nosso Senhor, no seu real decreto de 30 de Setembro de 1755.  (Dated 16 December 1756.)


Lisbon, Na Officina de Miguel Rodrigues, 1756.


Folio.  (1) f., 37 pp.  Wrappers.   Tiny wormhole in top margin not touching text.

Pombal in the 1750s created the mercantile companies relating to Brazil and to the wine-growing region of northern Portugal, and sought to encourage commercial activities, both in Portugal and in her colonies.   “The Lisbon Chamber of Commerce (Mesa do Bem Comun), which ventured to criticise the formation of the Brazil companies, was abruptly dissolved by Pombal.   Several of its leading members were exiled or imprisoned, and the others reorganised under strict government control in the form of the Junta do Comércio (1755)” (C.R. Boxer, The Portuguese Seaborne Empire 1415-1825, p. 184).   “The mesa do bem commun . . was replaced by the junta do comércio or board of trade.   The new junta was charged with the regulation of ‘all affairs connected with commerce’ . . .   The members of the junta were bound to a strict secrecy in their deliberations . . .   The foreigners’ dominance of commercial activity (in Lisbon and Oporto) had limited the Portuguese almost exclusively to internal and colonial trade.   Apparently there were only a handful of Portuguese houses in Lisbon which had the experience of exchange business, bookkeeping methods, and general commercial expertise to engage in business with foreign markets . . . and even in these houses the Portuguese were in partnership with foreigners . . .   The Lisbon junta do comércio directly aided manufacturing and processing enterprises in Brazil” (Maxwell, Conflicts and conspiracies: Brazil and Portugal 1750-1808, pp. 24-25 & 61).  

Marquês de Pombal.  Catálogo Bibliográfico e iconográfico, 144.  



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