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Examen de la Verdad en respuesta à los Tratados de los derechos de la Reyna Christianissima sobre varios estados de la Monarchia de España.


(Madrid, n.pr., 1670).


4to.  (7) ff., 374 pp. (misnumbered 376).  With beautiful title page engraved by Pa. Villafranca.  Contemporary vellum (worn).   Lacks final blank f., some ink marks & ownership stamp on title p.   

The author makes a detailed study of the claims made by Queen Maria Teresa of France on behalf of Louis XIV to certain duchies and lands belonging to the Netherlands, claims were in abeyance after the death of Philip IV of Spain, and which the writer considers can no longer be upheld.   The War of Devolution was fought in 1667 to en­force Louis XIV's claim to the Spanish Netherlands, and a partition treaty, signed secretly with the Emperor Leopold I of Germany, agreed that France would acquire the Netherlands, Franche Comté, the Philippines, Navarre, Naples and other dependencies if Charles II died childless.   The work is dedicated to Johann Everard Nithard, the Austrian Jesuit who was confessor to and favourite of the Regent, Queen Mariana of Austria.   Pedro de Villafranca y Malagón was appointed engraver to King Philip IV in 1654.

Palau 105834.  Salvá 3685.  Maggs, Spanish Books, 425. 



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