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[GOMES, Bernardino António (the elder)]

Analyse das sentenças proferidas pelo Tribunal da Nunciatura, no pleito de divorcio proposto por D. Leonor Violante Roza Morão, a Bernardino Antonio Gomes.


Lisbon, Na Impresão de João Nunes Esteves, 1822.


8vo.  36 pp.  Wrappers.   Word crossed through on p. 18.   Title p. slightly discoloured & with small hole in inner margin.   Last p. soiled.

A fascinating account of a tempestuous marriage.   Bernardino António Gomes, one of Portugal's most illustrious physicians, who was created an official physician in 1817, made an unfortunate marriage in 1801 to the widowed Leonor Violante Roza Morão, who proved to be mentally unstable.   The work is a vehement justification of Gomes’s conduct towards his wife.   He denies his maltreatment of and infidelity towards her, and complains that he is obliged to maintain three households, hers, his and that of their offspring.   As a medical practitioner he emphatically believes that she should be cared for in a convent, and he should be permitted to live his life in peace.   Legal judgments, dated April and July 1820, July 1821, April and June 1822, are reproduced, the first awarded to Gomes, which denies Leonor‘s request for a divorce, the third and fourth which both broadly support her allegations, stating that the couple should live apart for ten years, to which Gomes objects, as it does not resolve the situation.  

Innocêncio I, 361 lists 3 other works on the subject by the author but not this.   Not in WorldCat.



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