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[Gold Mines.]

Alvará em forma de Ley, pelo qual V. Magestade ha por bem determinar a fórma porque se haõ de fazer os pagamentos dos Contratos Reaes das Minas, e das dividas Reaes, e particulares, que nellas se tiveram contrahido . . .   (Dated 9 November 1752.)


(Lisbon), Na Officina de Miguel Rodrigues (1752).


Folio.  (1) f.  Wrappers.      

The edict sets out procedures for the payment of taxes in Minas Gerais.   “One of the first measures of the new administration was to reform the methods of fiscalizing the gold production of the Brazilian mines . . .   The foundry houses were in action by 1752 and during the coming decade this reformed method of collecting the royal fifth rendered the treasury an average of over 104 arrobas of gold per annum” (Maxwell, Conflicts and conspiracies, Brazil and Portugal 1750-1808, pp. 12-13).

Marquês de Pombal.  Catálogo Bibliográfico e iconográfico, p. 341, No. 48.  



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