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Breve noticia, que se dá ao publico Para consolaçaõ dos Portuguezes, Dos successos, que aconteceraõ no Estado da Nossa India, Desde o mez de Janeiro de 1757., até o de 1760.


Lisbon, Na Officina de Pedro Ferreira, 1760.


Small 4to.  (3) ff., 22 pp.  Quarter cloth.   Some discolouration throughout, worming repaired in lower corner of pp. 9-22.   

A rare work giving valuable information about Portuguese India.   By 1757 the Portuguese had lost extensive lands to the Marathas.   The work describes the struggle against Sarde Say Quema Saunto Bonsulò, uncle of the ruler Sarde Say (Costam Saunto), who four years after having signed a treaty of peace with the Portuguese State declared war against the Viceroy, ostensibly on account of oppressive taxes but in reality to take advantage of his seeming weakness.  The work includes on p. 17 the terms of the Tratado das Pazes concluded with the Bounsulo at Goa on 26 July 1759 and signed on behalf of the King of Portugal and Sarde Say Quema Saunto Bonsulò by Belchior José Vaz de Carvalho, Secretary to the Portuguese Viceroy of India, Manuel de Saldanha e Albuquerque, Conde de Ega, and the Indian minister responsible in which the province of Canácona was joined to the Portuguese crown.   The Viceroy undertook to recommend to the King of Portugal that he should restore to him all or a part of the provinces which the Bounsulo had ceded to Portugal.    The Viceroy counted as his ally Balagi Ragi Rao, surnamed the Nana, with whom he signed a treaty on 26 October 1760 by which the Nana undertook to hand over to the Viceroy the provinces of Zambaulim, Supem, Sanguem and Ponda in order that the latter might restore them to the King of Sunda, in consideration of which the Viceroy pledged himself to send a fleet of 500 Portuguese soldiers to capture the fortresses of Janjira and Kansa, which he would then hand over to the Nana, and the latter thereupon bound himself to pay 100,000 rupees each year to the King of Portugal.   With the bookplate of the distinguished author and Hebrew scholar, Elkan Nathan Adler.

Scholberg, Bibliography of Goa & the Portuguese in India, CC11.   Ameal 335.   Ávila Perez 965.   Not in Innocêncio or Welsh.  



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