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[GARRETT, João Baptista de Silva Leitão de Almeida (Visconde de Almeida Garrett)]

(Printed copy of letter to King Ferdinand of Portugal proposing the formation of the Companhia Geral da Provincia de Moçambique, dated Lisbon, 27 July 1854).   Followed by the Articles of the proposed company and "Exposição resumida sobre a projectada Companhia, e sobre a Provincia de Moçambique" (dated 26 January 1855). 


(Lisbon 1855).


Folio.  11 pp.  Wrappers.                                       

Though mooted in 1854 the General Company of the Province of Mozambique failed to gain the support of the king or the overseas ministry, and was still-born, despite the appointment of the Visconde de Sá de Bandeira as Minister of the Navy and Colonies who began the introduction of long-waited liberal reforms in Mozambique.   The proposal was one of the last acts in the political career of the distinguished writer, Almeida Garrett, who died in December 1854 and who eloquently argues here in favour of developing the colony and endowing it with the benefits of civilization and modernization (see A.H. de Oliveira Marques, History of Portugal, II, p. 102).   The Company was eventually formed in 1888 as the Companhia de Moçambique, capitalized at £40,000 and evolved from concessions obtained by Joaquim Paiva de Andrade, having as its initial purpose the exploitation of minerals, and later in 1891 it was established by charter, with extensive powers and with the intent to open up the territory assigned to it, and financed predominantly by British and French capital (£1,000,000).   

The Exposição resumida sobre a projectada Companhia, e sobre a Provincia de Moçambique further emphasises the importance of the proposed company and Almeida Garrett’s efforts in promoting it.   Dire warnings follow of the Arab invasions in the north of the country and of their influence over the inhabitants.




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