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Regulamento das Quadrellas e Formulario para o Serviço Clinico d’estas e do Hospital do Espirito Santo.  Approvados pela Mesa da Santa Casa da Misericordia d’Evora em suas sessões de 10 e 11 de dezembro de 1879. 


Évora, Typ. Minerva, de A.F. Barata, 1880.


8vo.  Pp. 1-(16), (1) f., pp. (17)-90, (1).  With 2 folding diagrams.  Original printed wrappers (worn, lacking back wrapper).   Very occasional spotting, tip of top corner of 1st diagram torn off, tear repaired in fold of 2nd diagram.   

The regulations govern the medical care to the poor and infirm in late 19th century Portugal, and were printed for distribution to doctors, "leeches" (sic) and municipal and other authorities in Évora.    Set out are rules for visits paid by doctors to poor households in Évora, and the granting and distribution of medical aid and sustenance, as approved by the Brotherhood of the Misericórdia.   Included are a sample form for completion and a list of the medicines available.  

Not in Innocêncio.  Not traced in OCLC.



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