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[Drapers' Shops]

Estatutos dos Mercadores de Retalho.


Lisbon, Na Officina de Miguel Rodrigues, 1757.


Folio.  (1) f., 14 pp., (3) ff.  Vignette on title p.  Wrappers.  

Together with:   Alvará, porque V. Magestade ha por bem confirmar os Estatutos dos Mercadores de Retalho . . .  (Dated 16 December.)   Folio.  (3) ff.   (Lisbon, n.pr, 1757).                                 

When rebuilding the capital after the 1755 Lisbon earthquake Pombal seized the opportunity to draw up strict rules governing all aspects of city life.   To control commerce there and throughout the Portuguese dominions in 1756 he introduced the Estatutos da Junta do Comércio (Statutes of the Board of Trade), and in it (chapter XVII, paragraph 20) he forbade the establishment without prior official permission of new drapers’ shops, since cloth and other fabrics for popular consumption were sold in small shops.   This decree sets out the regulations governing which fabrics could be sold and by whom, who might inherit the business, where goods could be sold (on the ground floors of houses, and not on upper floors), by suitably qualified and educated persons, and the taxes to be levied.   Drapers were forbidden to have more than one shop (chapter 2, paragraph 16).   Following the Statutes is Pauta dos generos pertencentes a cada huma das classes dos Mercadores, Comprehendidas nestes Estatutos which lists on 5 pp. the exact types of fabrics to be sold by the different tradesmen, including those fabrics in which women were permitted to trade.  

Marquês de Pombal.  Catálogo Bibliográfico e iconográfico,  201.  



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