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[Customs Houses]

Por decreto . . Fui servida nomear as Pessoas, que havião servir os empregos novamente creados nos Armazens de Guiné, e India, e no Arsenal Real da Marinha . .  (Dated 3 June 1793.)  


(Lisbon, n.pr., 1793.)


Folio.  (4) ff.  Wrappers.  

Pombal's dismissal in 1777 hastened the decline of Portuguese India.   The warehouses of West African Guinea, India and the Portuguese Royal Naval Arsenal were reorganized in 1793.   In 1785 the two posts of General Superintendent of Customs had been abolished since their presence had contributed little to ending contraband (J. Veríssimo Serrão, História de Portugal, VI, p. 426).   The decree sets out the posts to be filled with the appropriate salaries, and the names of the staff employed appear on the three last pages.



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