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Empresas Militares de Lusitanos.


Lisbon, Pedro Craesbeeck, 1624.


8vo.  (6), 334 ff. (f. 161 misnumbered 145).  Recent vellum over boards, spine gilt.   F. 102 (N6), frequently lacking, in facsimile.  F. 161 misnumbered 145, title p. slightly soiled, small hole repaired just touching printed surface, last line of f. 91 verso & f. 94 recto poorly printed, tiny wormhole in upper margin of ff. 127-150, small marginal repairs just touching a few letters, some occasional slight spotting and staining, very occasional marginalia.

“The author, a Portuguese member of the royal household, was born in Lisbon in the sixteenth century;  and, though forced to accept the sovereignty of the Spanish King, he very evidently retained his love of his native country and its national heroes.   He explained in his preface . . . his work is intended to be a more lasting monument to the heroes of his nation than the statues with which the Greeks formerly honoured their great;  and to this end, he has written his work in Spanish, so that it might find a wider field of appreciation than if he had written it in Portuguese.   Though written with a touch of pride for the exploits of the Lusitanians, the writer’s attitude towards Portugal’s enemies is fair and unprejudiced.   Antonio de Sousa de Macedo describes it in his Excellencias de Portugal as an ‘excellent book’” (Maggs, Spanish Books, 245).  

Palau 56169.   Innocêncio V, 280 & XVI, 9.   Palha 2767, “ouvrage rare et estimé.”  Borba de Moraes I, 76.   Garcia Perez 41, “libro estimable y que es poco vulgar.”   Bernstein, Pedro Craesbeeck & sons, 17th century publishers to Portugal & Brazil, 244.    



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