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[CASTRO, João de]. CARVALHO, Antonio Nunes de (ed.)

Roteiro em que se contem a viagem que fizeram os Portuguezes no anno de 1541, partindo da nobre Cidade de Goa atee Soez, que he no fim, e stremidade do Mar Roxo.  Com o sitio, e pintura de todo o Syno Arabico.  Por Dom Ioam de Castro . . tirado a luz pela primeira vez do manuscrito original, e acrescentado com o Itinerarium Maris Rubri, e o retrato do author, etc., etc.  


Paris, Baudry, na Officina Typographica de Casimir, 1833.


8vo.  (2) ff., liv, IX, 334 pp., (1) f.  With 2 engraved portraits & 1 folding facsimile chart.  Contemporary calf, spine gilt (foot of spine worn).   Lacks the atlas which is sometimes present.   Some slight marginal worming just touching a few letters of text.  Tear repaired in chart.   

First edition, describing one of the most famous Portuguese voyages to the East.    Nunes de Carvalho copied the manuscript by João de Castro from the original in the British Museum (Cotton Collection Tiberius D, IX).   It is said to have been purchased by Sir Walter Raleigh for £60, and was translated and printed in 1625 in Purchas's Pilgrims and later in French in the Histoire Générale des Voyages by Abbé Prévost.   "The . . Roteiros . . are decked out with no literary graces.   (Castro) wrote, he said, for seamen, not for ladies and gallants.   Yet the scientific curiosity and enthusiasm of this keen-eyed, broad-minded observer give his descriptions force and truth, the same practical lucidity that marks his letters . . ." (Bell, Portuguese Literature, pp. 227-8).

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