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CARVALHO, José de Vasconcellos Guedes de

Leis de Manú, Primeiro legislador da India: comprehendendo o officio dos juizes; deveres da classe commerciante e servil: leis civís e criminaes; vertidas em portuguez do original francez - Les livres sacrés de l’Orient - de Mr. G. Pauthier.


Nova-Goa, Imprensa Nacional, 1859.


8vo.  vi, 108 pp.  Rexine.   Pp. discoloured due to the quality of the paper.   

The Hindu laws of Manu are are a compendium of ancient sacred laws and customs, based on custom and precedent and the teachings of the Veda.   The work is a translation of the 8th and 9th sections, covering the administration of justice in civil and criminal law, and the responsibilities and obligations of the commercial and servant classes in India.   In the preface the author states that the proceeds of the publication were destined to aid the victims of the yellow fever epidemic which had struck Lisbon two years previously.   Pp. 89-108 contain the list of subscribers.

Innocêncio XIII, 235.   Sousa de Câmara Cat., 3156, “rara”.   Not in Scholberg, Bibliography of Goa & the Portuguese in India.   Welsh 4716.  



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