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CARVALHO, Inácio Caetano de (Visconde de Bardês)

Apontamentos para a historia da revolta em Goa dos Soldados, Ranes e Satarienses em o anno de 1895.


Bombay, Nicol’s Printing Works, 1896.


4to.  (2) ff., pp. (2)-89.  Contemporary calf, original wrappers bound in.   Presentation copy.   Front wrapper repaired.  

An interesting account of the simmering tensions and intrigues in Portuguese India in the late 19th century.   As a native born Goan and a lawyer and influential journalist, the author was suspected of having sided with the rebels, and to defend himself he gives a detailed account of the 1895 rebellion, which began when Goan Hindu sepoys rebelled against being sent to Mozambique to subdue a native insurrections.   The Ranes, a warrior tribe, joined them and demanded that the Portuguese end the unjust distribution of the land.   Rebels sacked the Church of Tivim and raided Mapuca, then broke open the community safe in Colvale.   The rebels clashed with armed villagers in Aldona in October, suffered 35 casualties and retreated, to be defeated by an expeditionary force arriving from Portugal under Prince Afonso Henriques.

Scholberg, Bibliography of Goa & the Portuguese in India, CD12.   Not in Innocêncio or Da Silva, The Portuguese in Asia.



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