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[CARVALHO, Antonio Feliciano de Santa Rita]

Reposta ao Folheto, que tem por titulo: Address of the Right Rev. Daniel O’Connor, D.D. Vicar Apostolic of Madras to the clergy and people of the See of Meliapor.  Por hum Ecclesiastico do Arcebispado de Goa. 


Goa, Na Typographia Nacional, 1838.


8vo.  (1) f., 156 pp.  Recent quarter calf.  

Together with:-  Resposta ao Folhetinho, que tem por Titulo: “Theological Opinion of an Eminent Catholic Divine, the Very Rev Father Jarrige, Missionary Apostolic at Pondicherry, on the subject of the Portuguese schism in India, to the Rigth (sic) Rev. Dr. O’Connor, Vicar Apostolic of Madras, on the 19th of July, 1838.”  6 pp., (1) f.  

And:-  Pastoral do Arcebispo Eleito de Goa, Primaz do Oriente, Governador, e Vigario Capitular do mesmo Arcebispado Metropolitano, mostrando que hum denominado Breve Apostolico datado de 24 de abril de 1838 He Supposto; e mandando a todos os seus subditos que o naõ recebaõ, nem executem, sem elle se apresentar munido do beneplacito regio de Sua Magestade Fidelissima.   (1) f., 39 pp.  

Diplomatic relations between Lisbon and Rome were broken off in 1834, but Pope Gregory XVI sanctioned the return of the Jesuits in 1837.   New vicariates apostolic were established in Cochin, Goa and other districts of India.   The clergy and laity in Goa, seeing their positions threatened, rose up in opposition, often claiming the directives sent from Rome were forgeries.   In a brief entitled Multa praeclare of 1838 Gregory XVI publically asserted the supremacy of Rome over all Catholics in India, including those who were under the Padroado; even the Archbishopric of Goa itself was deprived of any authority outside Goa.   “As a consequence, Archbishop Elect Dom Carvalho circulated a pastoral letter from Goa repudiating Multa praeclare.   While claiming that it was a forgery, he also indicated, in apparent contradiction, that it had most surely been ‘extorted’ from the Pope by means of ‘trickery and falsehood’” (R.E. Frykenberg, Christianity in India : from beginnings to the present, p. 353).    Antonio Feliciano de Santa Rita Carvalho was a revered and respected Benedictine monk, known as Fr. Antonio de Santa Rita, who was appointed Archbishop of Goa in 1836.   The pamphlet in dispute, Address of the Right Rev. Daniel O’Connor, D.D. Vicar Apostolic of Madras to the clergy and people of the See of Meliapore (54 pp.), was printed by the Courier Press in Madras in 1838.  

Innocencio I, 135 “estes opusculos, de que aparecem em Portugal poucos exemplares, contêm especies mui uteis para os que houverem de ainda ocupar-se de questões relativas ao Padroado do Governo Portuguez na India.”    Not in Scholberg, Bibliography of Goa & the Portuguese in India.   Not in COPAC.  


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