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Noticia certa dos notaveis sucessos acontecidos na Azia contra os Inglezes, Os quaes tem quasi totalmente perdido quanto conservávaõ naquellas partes, ficando senhores de todas as Colonias os Francezes.


8vo. 7 pp. Wrappers.


8vo.  7 pp.  Wrappers.                                                                          

A very rare pamphlet describing the capture of Calcutta.   In June 1756 the city fell to the forces of the Indian nawab, Siraj-ud-daula, but the East India Company in Madras resolved that news of the disaster should not be sent back to England until steps had been taken to regain the city, to avoid panic and to safeguard the Company's shareholdings.   No formal account was ever sent.   However, news filtered back to Europe by the overland route and through France, giving rise to such pamphlets as this.

Not in Innocêncio.  Not in Scholberg, Bibliography of Goa & the Portuguese in India.  



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