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BOTO, Luiz Maria de Carvalho Saavedra Donnas

O Roteiro Historico-politico da Viagem de Suas Magestades, e o Naufragio do Vapor Porto.  Poemas.


Porto, Faria Guimarães, 1852.


8vo.  64 pp.  Original printed wrappers (worn).   Ugly stain on outer margin of first ff.

The shipwreck of the steamship, Porto, occurred on 29 March 1852, in front of the life-saving station, and in full view of the horror-stricken inhabitants, without any being able to help.   Over 60 people perished.   Due to this disaster some effort was made to raise money to improve sailing conditions in the river, but extensive work was not finally carried out until 1857.   Many of the poet's works had a political content.  

Innocêncio XVI, 45.  Porbase lists 1 copy only


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