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BORGES, José Ferreira

Observaçoens sobre um opusculo intitulado: “Parecer de dous Concelheiros da Coroa Constitucional sobre os meios de restaurar o  governo representativo em Portugal.”


London, Impresso por Bingham, 1832.


8vo.  22 pp.  Recent boards.   One p. number just shaved, short tear repaired in outer margin of title p., discolouration on p. 15.

Ferreira Borges replies to proposals put forward for the government of Portugal by Silvestre Pinheiro Ferreira and Filipe Ferreira d’Araujo e Castro.   He defends the idea of foreign mediation in the country’s affairs, but objects to foreign powers imposing their views on the rulers.   He promotes liberalism and condemns the autocracy of D. Miguel, but derides the concept of an amnesty for perceived political misdemeanours as being unworkable.   Pinheiro Ferreira had been a councillor of D. João VI in Brazil, returning to Lisbon with him, and was appointed Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, but renounced the post in 1823.   According to José Henrique Rodrigues Dias (José Ferreira Borges : política e economia, pp. 71-81), Pinheiro Ferreira was invited by D. Pedro to the Quai d’Orsay in Paris on 10 Sept. 1831 to discuss his objections to the rights of Dª. Maria da Gloria, but neither he nor Filipe Ferreira were consulted again on the matter, hence the publication of the Parecer.  

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