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BORGES, José Ferreira

Exame critico do valor politico das expressões Soberania do Povo, e Soberania das Cortes:  e outro sim das bases da organisação do poder legislativo no Systema Representativo e da Sancção do Rei.  


Lisbon, Typografia Transmontana, 1837.


8vo.  Pp. (3)-27.  Wrappers.   Lacks half title p.   Tiny wormhole in inner margin of pp. (3)-24.

The work forms part of the debate between those favouring a liberal or a radical bias in the new constitution, which was to be introduced in the following year.   The author, who had been a Councillor of State under D. Pedro IV, supports a constitutional monarchy and in the first part (pp. (9) - 15) he examines the roles of popular and judicial sovereignty, and in the second the organization of legislative power in the electoral system and the rights of the monarchy.   The work is prefaced by a dedication to D. Pedro's daughter and reigning monarch, D. Maria II (pp. (5)-8).   Written after Ferreira Borges had lost his sight, this was one of his last works.  

Innocêncio IV, 330.    



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