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BORGES, José Ferreira

Jurisprudencia do Contracto-Mercantil de Sociedade, segundo a Legislação, e Arestos dos codigos, e tribunaes das Naçoens mais cultas da Europa.   Followed by:  Appendices. 


London, Bingham, 1830.


Small 4to.  xvi, 238 pp.  (1) f., 104, xxix pp., (1) f.  Cloth.  

First edition.   The author states tht wrote the book because of the changing nature of early 19th century commerce.   He studies commercial legislation then in force in Europe, and comments that the book will serve for commercial ends in both Portugal and Brazil.   The appendices give examples of commercial legal judgments and a contract establishing a business.   Quoting the Revista Literaria [Porto], vol. 5, p. 185, Innocêncio comments on the clarity and simplicity that distinguish the author’s literary works and are characteristic of his style.   Though academically written they encapsulate the essential information to give the reader a precise idea of the subject, together with the relevant legislation.  

Innocêncio IV, 329.   WorldCat lists 2nd ed. only.  



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