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Relaçam da famoza batalha de Chottcsitz junto de Czaslaw na Bohemia O dia de 17. de Mayo de 1742.  Final derrota do Exercito Prusiano pelo invencivel Exercito Austriaco, Comendado pelo Principe Carlos de Lorena, e a acçaõ do dia 25. do mesmo mez, pelo Principe de Locuvis em Furemberg, contra 38 U. Francezes, comendados pelos Marescaes Belisle, e Broglio.


Lisbon, Na Nova Oficina Almeydiana, 1742.


8vo. 7 pp.   Wrappers.  

As part of Frederick the Great's campaign to annex Silesia he marched his forces into Moravia.   The Prussians were at first defeated at the battle of Chotusitz, south of the Elbe, on 17 May 1742, by the Austrian army commanded by Prince Charles of Lorraine, but Frederick later counter-attacked and won the day.   The Peace of Breslau of 11 June 1742 ended Frederick's first military campaign and established him as the rightful owner of the whole of Silesia.

Innocencio I, 342 lists another work by the author but not this.   Not in COPAC.



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