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Profecia Politica, Verificada no que está succedendo aos Portuguezes pela sua céga affeiçaõ aos Inglezes: Escrita depois do Terremoto do anno de l755, e publicada por ordem superior no anno de l762, em Madrid.  Traduzida do Hespanhol.


Lisbon, Typ. Rollandiana, 1808.


12mo.  188 pp., (2) ff. with catalogue of publications.  Later wrappers.   Partly unopened copy, printed on bluish paper.

A violent attack on the English economic interests in Portugal, blaming them for diverting Brazilian gold and Portuguese riches to English coffers and for the country’s lack of manufacturing industry, printed in the year that the English government persuaded the Portuguese Court to flee to Brazil.   Pp. 167 – 184 give an account of the Lisbon earthquake of 1755.   The original Spanish edition appeared in 1762.

(Cf. Palau 238355 for Spanish edition).    



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