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Noticia do marinheiro inglez, James Covey, seu grande esforço, e morte afortunada. 


London, J. Rider, n.d. (c. 1815)


12mo.  4 pp.  Wrappers.  

A rare religious tract in Portuguese.   The work is a translation of The Brave British Tar:  An account of the bravery & happy death of James Covey, a British seaman.   Printed by Tilling and Hughes and sold by F. Collins and J. Nisbet, 1814, taken from Gleanings in England by Samuel Jackson Pratt, and it tells of an unfortunate sailor who lost both his legs in battle, but who found happiness as a Christian.   Pratt led a varied life as an actor and writer and took a keen interest in humanitarian concerns.   “Mr. Pratt, in the second volume of his Gleanings, reflects an affecting anecdote of a sailor on board the Venerable, the ship in which Admiral Duncan commanded the fleet in the action against the Dutch, off Camperdown.   He received the account from Dr. Duncan, Lord Duncan's chaplain and relative, who, in the action, assisted the surgeon and his mate in binding up the wounds . . .”  

This version not in Innocêncio.   Not in COPAC or WorldCat.



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